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How do you spell intimidating

I actually ended up using the Frightful Presence feat, since it doesn't require me to have already killed something - strictly speaking, that doesn't fit the bill posed in the original question, though.

wound down, it seemed like designers realized the fighter had very little into which it was worthwhile he sink his 1-3 skill points per level.

I think it's cool, and themey; I don't like the fact that it takes a Standard action, though. , which allows you to make Intimidate checks as a move action.

Edit: Not directly related to the question, but maybe helpful.

The APG has 2 feats that allow you to situationally make free Intimidate checks. Enforcer would work, except that it's marked as Fan Content... Dreadful Carnage is good too, but kind of situational.

If you can start a performance as a swift action and you have the Dazzling Display feat, you can gain the benefit of Dazzling Display by succeeding at a Perform check in place of an Intimidate check.

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I used a level 94 mage pet at 95, while in trader mode in the bazaar.

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