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Those who successfully harvest a deer in Iowa with trophy-sized antlers are encouraged to enter the rack in Iowa's big game registry.

Award certificates will be issued by the DNR to eligible entries that meet minimum standards (shown below).

Successfully completing the trophy section of the game unlocks the next region. Playing through the first region was not difficult. Though you are given 10 energy bars, you gain more when you level up, by gaining XP with skill shots and completing missions.

Surprisingly, or not-so-surprisingly now that I think about it, I found that Deer Hunter 2016 played out a lot like Glu’s previous titles, Frontline Commando: WWII and Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores.

For eighteen years the Deer Hunter franchise has grown into a collection of over twenty titles, while the franchise itself has exchanged hands a few times.

Currently, Glu Games holds the Deer Hunter license and has been focused on releasing games for mobile gamers to enjoy on Android and i OS devices.

Players are given a preliminary task for a particular level, (kill 3 deer, kill 2 bears, and so on) which they must complete to collect the level’s rewards and progress onto the next level.

Additional weapons are then bought and upgraded with those earnings, or players can opt to spend some of their own cash to upgrade their weapons all at once, or buy other weapons entirely.

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Natural Resource Plates The return of the white-tailed deer as a major game species in Iowa is a tribute to good landowner attitude and progressive management, research and enforcement programs.

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