Updating ipod classic is pink dating carey hart

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Updating ipod classic

Regards, Feliciano For tech tips and updates, LIKE Follow Is the i Pod classic still even supported nowadays?

I thought apple quit making those, like, years ago.

At Apple's September 12 media event, Steve Jobs jumped right into introducing an updated fifth-generation i Pod.

Not a tremendous surprise here, as we believed the sixth-generation "true video i Pod" would not be announced until later in the year or even early in 2007.

you should see a list of different audio players, and i Tunes should be one of them.Rockbox works well but official support for dual boot is not enabled yet.The port is classified as "unusable" due to its complex install process and the need for a pre-release bootloader or Emcore.There is no official Rockbox bootloader available yet, however a beta version is available that is generally functional and stable: https://files.freemyipod.org/~user890104/This version of the bootloader and installer enables installing from a GUI (patched version of rockbox utility) and dual booting the Apple firmware.This method is the easiest and should be used by new users until an official release is available.

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