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Detective Todd Herb spent months working to uncover the fraud scheme.

Workers at Paradise Dental eventually figured out Constance Zellous was using someone else’s information and contacted police.

Police said 11 women took advantage of the scheme to get everything from breast implants to gold teeth.

Police told Channel 9 some of the victims were young and hadn’t had lines of credit yet. Detectives said most of the victims were between 20 and 24 years old.

You might not care about all three, but you’ll probably care about one: 1. Look at the Living Social breach as an example: 50 million people’s names, emails, birthdates, and encrypted passwords gone in one hack. The company misuses it in a way you didn’t expect or intend, that violates your privacy, or that makes you uncomfortable. Privacy laws certainly need an overhaul, but regulation isn’t an immediate solution for the everyday Internet user.

Facebook is a champion of this kind of misuse by constantly changing its privacy policies and eroding default protections. For more in-depth guides, we recommend the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Surveillance Self Defense site and

If you read my blog long enough, you’ll soon realize that I hate credit cards, and I strongly dislike the people that work for credit card companies.

I know that they are only doing their job, and I’ll never say that I hate someone unless they kill my first-born child or something, but here is a great example about when you play with snakes, you WILL get bitten.

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Well, tonight they called me and said they new total was $87, not $68, which I originally paid.