Methods of accommodating diversity for disability

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Methods of accommodating diversity for disability

Ever since Kanner's description of the 'aloneness' of these children , psychiatry has labelled and categorised them as abnormal, ill, and deficient.Through the changing definitions of autism enshrined in successive editions of both DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, published by the American Psychiatric Association) or ICD (International Classification of Diseases, published by the World Health Organisation), we have had a single view of autism thrust upon us: an essentially negative view in which children or adults with autism are characterised as "impaired" .Also the word chalkboard is used often and most schools do not utilize chalkboards anymore. Also typing devices like an alpha smart or i Pad will help with writing assignments.Business communities admire employers that strive to increase diversity throughout the workforce.

We have grown familiar with the idea that autism is a 'psychiatric condition', a 'disorder', a 'disability' or a 'handicap'.

Their numbers are growing steadily in the population and it is becoming increasingly important to include this community in corporate Canada.

We need to address the business case, the benefits and the challenges to doing so.

Increasing workplace diversity often includes mandatory diversity training, during which employees, supervisors and managers receive lessons on how best to interact with customers, clients and employees who represent diverse populations.

Mandatory training for some employees is the equivalent of forcing employees to accept diversity at all costs, regardless of their personal exposure and experiences.

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For this reason, profit and non-profit organizations need to become more diversified to remain competitive.

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