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The main objective of the workshop was to inform the audience about the latest situation on BB-PPDR, identify required future activities in various areas (standardisation, national implementation, regulation), and to consider the interdependencies between those areas.From start to finish, the workshop was packed with useful information.Its been nearly 2 years since I last blogged about ETSI Security workshop.A lot has changed since then, especially as 5G is already in the process of being standardised.The Report proposed the concept of "flexible harmonisation" to enable an efficient implementation of BB-PPDR within the CEPT area (see the ECC Newsletter from November 2015 on BB-PPDR).

ETSI Security Week (12 - 16 June) covered lot more than 5G, NFV, SDN, etc.The event took place on 29 September at ETSI's headquarters in France. The first seeds for the workshop were sown in October 2015 when the ECC adopted Report 218.This addresses spectrum options for the implementation of BB-PPDR networks and services in CEPT countries - in the 400 and 700 MHz frequency ranges.Security specialists can follow the link to get all the details (if they were not already aware of).I want to quickly provide 3 links so people can find all the useful information: NFV Security Tutorial, designed to educate attendees on security concerns facing operators and providers as they move forward with implementing NFV.

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