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The Holy Scriptures are the infallible revelation of His will.They are the standard of character, the test of experience, the authoritative revealer of doctrines, and the trustworthy record of God's acts in history.

SDA scholars admit that Adventism has a different "Trinity" doctrine than orthodox Christianity!We don't like paying for porn and we know you don't, so enjoy the free porn access that we provide to you!The SDA's NEVER quote the Ten Commandments from Deuteronomy because of Deuteronomy 5:3, which clearly exposes Seventh-Day Adventist as a false religion.Since the 4th century, in both Eastern and Western Christianity, this doctrine has been stated as 'three persons in one God,' all three of whom, as distinct and co-eternal persons, are of one indivisible Divine essence, a simple being. title=Trinity&oldid=148650755) The Biblical, orthodox doctrine of the Trinity teaches that there is only one God (which is affirmed throughout the Old and New Testaments).Seventh-day Adventists accept the Bible as their only creed and hold certain fundamental beliefs to be the teaching of the Holy Scriptures.

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These beliefs, as set forth here, constitute the church's understanding and expression of the teaching of Scripture.