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For miscellaneous files on handicapping, many articles, test shots and such, click here.Joseph Mejia -- [email protected] Jewett -- [email protected] (other contact info) Eric Harada -- [email protected] have no more than four students per instructor.Charges are typically for a four-hour course, but this depends on the location.Instructor training courses run for eight hours per day for one to three days, and the charge is 0/day.Carom billiards, sometimes called carambole billiards or simply carambole (and in some cases used as a synonym for the game of straight rail from which many carom games derive), is the overarching title of a family of billiards games generally played on cloth-covered, 1.5-by-3.0-metre (5 by 10 ft) pocketless tables, which often feature heated slate beds.In its simplest form, the object of the game is to score There is a large array of carom billiards disciplines.Courses can be arranged at your location, which can save on total travel costs.Individual private instruction is available from any of the instructors.

Please contact the instructors for further information.The game was eventually brought over to America in the early 1770s where it quickly gained popularity and it became one of America's favorite pastimes. The cue ball usually weigh 0.17 kg (6 ounces) while all the other balls usually weighs 0.16 kg (5.5 ounces).At the start of the game, all the numbered balls are racked together at the edge of the table and a player has to break it which is hit all the numbered ball with the cue ball with the hopes of pocketing one or more.Billiards however became popular in England where it was first played by royalty only.Then as the game started gaining popularity, the game moved from the higher class people to the lower and middle class people undergoing many changes as it did. In 8-ball, there are 15 balls number 1-7 (solids) and 9-15 (stripes) and one cue ball which is meant to hit all the other balls into holes in the table called pockets.

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Details include antique black metal diamond-shaped rail sights.