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"Deak" Parsons – weaponeer and bomb commander, Lieutenant Jacob Beser – radar countermeasures (also the only man to fly on both nuclear bombing aircraft), Second Lieutenant Morris R.

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Just prior to Christmas 1944, Tibbets attends a meeting at the White House with President Roosevelt and several high ranking military and civilian figures in which the casualties sustained by American troops during the battle for Naha on Okinawa are mentioned.

Convinced medicine was not for him, in 1937, Paul Tibbets enlisted as a flying cadet in the U. That same year, he quietly married Lucy Wingate, with whom he would have two sons.

After training at Fort Benning, Tibbets was transferred to Hunter Field in Savannah, Georgia, where he met and befriended George Patton, then a lieutenant colonel.

He retired from the military in 1966 and became president of Executive Jet Aviation. In 1927, the family moved to Florida, and young Paul was given a ride with a barnstorming pilot promoting Baby Ruth candy bars.

A extraordinary miscasting was Patrick Duffy, Dallas's Bobby Ewing, as the Enola Gay's pilot - bland and soft showing no evidence of stress or emotion that even the grittiest (and gritty the pilot must have been) would have shown.

In real life the recording of the plane intercom picked up the reaction of one of the crew: "My God, what have we done?

In August 1861, the Confederate Congress appropriated 0,000 to construct two...

The dapper 41-year-old’s disappearance launched a massive investigation that captivated the nation, earning Crater the title of “the missingest man in New York.” Born to Irish immigrants in 1889,...

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Flight 801, carrying 254 passengers and crew members from Seoul, South Korea, came in toward Guam at about a.m....

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