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NZ has some appalling health stats, and in many cases is the second worst developed nation, invariably behind America. citizen drinks more than 200 litres of soft drink each year.

In fact it was while looking into NZ heath stats that I decided to post this page.

In The Birthweek Song, Robbie attempts to teach his inept grandmother how to use the internet.

Stressed out with repeated calls from his grandmother, Robbie invites a friend to come to Mamaw Shapiro's house that night, in which Cat accepts.

She is known as a ditzy, bubbly, and cheerful person who rarely gets angry, although she is very sensitive. Then she appears in the lesson of improv in Sikowitz's class.

She is Jade's best friend and Robbie's love interest. At last, she goes for Tori and André when they get out of the class.

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